Monday, July 18, 2011

last week's sketches and jury duty

started jury duty today -
an excellent place to cool off.
didn't get empaneled.
Federal Court doesn't permit
electronics - no phones, no tablets
no computers. that was eye opening.
realized how much i rely on the iphone.

these sketches are from an especially
frustrating and unsuccessful outing last week.
i figure i should post what i regard as
failures same as what i regard as successes.


  1. I guess these weren't jury sketches eh? I think you captured the movement pretty nicely. I know how painful drawing can be at times, not that I've done so much of it myself.
    xoxo Kim

  2. It's funny what we consider as failures in our work, what I see here are very vibrant and plenty of movement. I have often been curious about jury duty, I have never (or not yet) been called myself but have dreaded getting called when I hear of the big biker mass trials in my area. I also echo what Kim (above) says about the ache of making art sometimes.


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