Thursday, July 28, 2011


seth at the altered page
is having his annual buried treasure blog party.
visit and discover.

looking through my archives
i've decided this subject matter is
just the note on which to end
the swelter that was july 2011

from december 31, 2009:

from february 22, 2011:
yet more snow!

2011 is now #3
on the all time
new york city
snow totals list...
and counting

(through a dirty window at the metropolitan museum)

from december 26, 2010:
a blizzard is percolating

and not only in globe of my snowy owl

as is my wont, if it snows
i go to the park...


  1. How funny we humans are... in the sweltering heat we wish for winter -- and in the middle of freezing winter we wish for hot summers :-).. your winter images are beautiful though.

  2. Woooo, thanks for the cooling vibe!

  3. Outside in my atelier, chilling out myself, I just had to pop in and check what refreshing news you had for us Miss Magpie. Pleased I did ;-) Now - I'd better rush off and get onto my own post!!! News from me to come. Yes - I've been busy as a little ant.

  4. Beautiful photos. Just love those city snow photos any time of year! So glad you are participating in Seth's Buried Treasure Party!

  5. This is the weather we are experiencing at the moment. The coldest winter in decades, but I still prefer it to hot South African summers. Great photos and I loved Ready for holidays.

  6. Wonderful images... I've NEVER spent any time in snow and think it's beautiful, but I HATE the cold so wont ever get any closer than this fabulous post.

  7. oooh- how deliciously cool this post makes me feel! We're sweltering here in Kentucky, too- I just watched a movie about Antarctica! Thanks for sharing your lovely winter photos!

  8. Love these photos--what a great idea to cool us all off! I admire those who know how to get around NYC in all this snow (and take gorgeous shots at the same time) :-)

  9. This was a fabulous choice. Next to Autumn, I love the winter-the way sneaux has the ability to transform things. I like the blue light of winter. I love how trees look magial with frost clinging to their branches. I love the reflections in icicles. I love the deafening silence when it's sneauxing. I was born and raised in Manitoba, Canada, the official home of winter. We Winnipeggers have a love for the cold like no others. It's in our bones.

  10. This is a wonderful post to take some of the sweltering heat away tonight. I remember the snow NYC had last winter and the winter before that. I had that same blowing cold and snow last winter, but nothing like this heat. I am glad you are staying cool through this post. I really love your photography and am so glad I made it here from Seth's blog.

  11. I loves these visuals. There really is nothing like snow. It is one of the things in life that bring warmth to our hearts and souls. I do not think I could live without it. Thankfully I live in Canada so that is easy. There is one photograph that I saw in maybe National Geographic years ago which is a famous one of Central Park at night in winter with Manhattan in the background. It's swell. Delicious. *smiles* Norma

  12. You take great photographs! I use my camera to compose and take pictures of models, and although I have a B-I-L who's a professional (I use some of his as well), I simply don't find I have the eye to match the lens. You obviously do.

  13. Great photographs, beautiful view of the city!
    This weather reminds me of my life in Russia.

    Thank you.

  14. How cool to find you through Seth! (how cool...get it? HA!) I miss snow. I love these photos, and there's something about that dirty museum window that I actually like! Your photos of the trees... stunning!


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