Saturday, July 30, 2011

talk to me

somewhere on 'the hierarchy of digital distractions'
from the brilliant folks at information is beautiful
add talk to me: design and the communication
between people and objects

until november 7 at the museum of modern art.

the show could be called too much information albeit in a good way. it doesnt require a smartphone but nearly everyone carries one - whether to use the suggested twitter hashmarks to comment on objects or to scan the qr codes on the labels of each item for more info.

the items range from the sublime - a muslim prayer rug that illuminates when correctly oriented toward mecca - to the silly - an adorable little robot who wanders the MoMA galleries with a flag requestng he be rerouted.

I was mesmerized by an app called soundrop
that allows you to create sound with dots and lines
and promptly downloaded it on my iphone.

there's a working new york metrocard machine -
it's very familiarity from the subway making
it incongruous here, where you can buy
a real metrocard printed with the details of the show.

if you can't get to MoMAw there's an interactive (duh)
that purports to include the entire show. full disclosure:
i didn't check to make sure as the site itself is a bit tmi.


  1. Seeing as I'm not likely to make it over in time for the show, especially since Air France is on strike AGAIN!! I'll take you up on the 'interactive' option! I hear ya baby ;-)

  2. Wow, very cool. Will definitely try to get over to see the exhibit! What do I do without an iphone? :)
    I must be in the middle ages!! Hope they let me in! Thanks for spreading the word about this show!


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