Sunday, August 28, 2011

aftermath seems a bit extreme...

well, it rained.
rather quietly.
didn't hear wind
and trees were hardly waving
when i looked out.

15 liters of water
seem foolish.

better foolish than thirsty.

went out a couple of hours ago -
had to - and found two tree falls
on the next street over.

on the whole, though,
kind of a non event.


  1. I hope the guy who owns that car had hefty insurance. If he didn't before, he will have hefty insurance premiums now. So glad it is petering out, kind of scary tree fall photos though. To think that something could uproot a tree that size...makes me think of that old commercial for margarine "always be good to mother nature".

  2. Glad it was not a dreadful as predicted, tho' the owner of the car might not be too pleased. Stay safe.

  3. Whoa! Bet that triggered the car alarm.
    Glad you came through it all safely.

  4. OK, I commented on this already, but Irene just blew through here and although it wasn't horrid, the winds were high, the rain was heavy and we lost power which translates (at this time of year) for me into no sump pump working. I am exhausted, fingertips raw from bailing and need to crawl between the sheets but first a bath to remove who-knows-what from my finger and toenails. So happy for you though - still waiting to hear about your windows.

  5. Good to read that it was a non event for you.

    Shame about the trees though.

  6. Too bad about those trees falling over.. but glad NYC did not get hit as hard as other places.. my son who is attending Columbia U graduate school also said that after all the preparation-- he said all that happened is that it got a little rainy and windy... better to be prepared though.


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