Sunday, October 9, 2011


i still don't know what
has become of this wood thrush.
he was flapping helplessly
on the sidewalk on fifth avenue
in front of the mid manhattan library.

a young woman had accessed the number
for animal rescue but had to go to work.
i called and was told that if i brought
the bird to an address on east 110th street
they could take care of it.

trying to corral it as people strode by
it kept flapping away - trying to fly
but going in low circles. a young man
stopped and marveled saying he thought
it was a thrush. i told him that if we could
get it into my tote bag i would bring it uptown.

he cupped it in his hands, we got it into
my tote bag and i took a couple of buses
to 110th street only to be told that they don't
deal with birds. they sent me across town
to animal general at columbus avenue and 87th street
where i surrendered him to be brought to
this facility

i've called a couple of times
to get an update, to find out
whether his wing was injured as i suspected,
to find out if he'd been released
into the wilds of
central park.

haven't heard back as yet.


  1. How kind of you to go to all that trouble for a small helpless bird. Most would walk by and never notice it. I'm glad you were there for it that day. Do give us an update if you find out anything.

  2. What amazing series of photos. I hope the bird was OK, that his wing healed. He may have been transferred to an other facility and that is where the thread of communication with you was lost. It sounds like you did every thing possible to get the bird into the right hands. Isn't it wonderful how an incident like that can make people stop and take notice of nature (or something other than themselves and I don't include you in that group of self involved people). Wow, what an inspiring tale.

  3. wow-- you certainly had a good heart and good intentions..the best you could do.. its in others hands now.. hope is a good thing.

  4. I love the photos, but most of all, I love your caring, gentle heart. I hope little Birdie is going to be okay. Thank you for your kindness.

  5. YOU are my new shero.
    someone's taking care of that birdie.
    i just know it.

  6. thanks you guys. I haven't heard anything but the folks at animal general said it's an extremely busy time at the bird place what with migrations. will let you know when there's news


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