Sunday, October 16, 2011

when fall comes to new england


and here's the title song by cheryl wheeler.
a not great video of a terrific song. i really
have to figure out how to score my posts...


  1. Lovely shots. Colour is washing over me here too although it has been a fairly warm autumn so far. The reds are peeking out and the high winds the last few days now mean lots of crunching leaves under our feet. I'm hanging on to this season as I usually go kicking and screaming into winter. Offsetting all this colour are the shorter days. Almost dark by 6:00 p.m. now and not much light 7:00 a.m., and still two more months to go before the shortest day in the year. Happy photo hunting this weekend.

  2. You should sing it for us Magpie!! We have those colours too and I just bathe in them at the moment :)

  3. I'm here via Seth, and I did browse around a bit. Is it you or an artist friend who set up residence in the Flatiron Building? The prow portion and at least some of the ground floor used to be a United Cigar Store. I discovered that piece of trivia while doing research for a piece of old paper that I had at one point (before deciding to give up doing tobacco related art). The also made the prow look like the front of a gunship to sell war bonds during the war. Interesting now that the windows have colorful and artistic paper cups hanging in them!


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