Thursday, November 24, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

snow farm indeed

i have been to snow farm
in spring and summer and autumn.
there are no weeklong classes in
winter and the eccentric october snow
was a rare and wonderful gift.

in my haste to shoot in the snow
i didn't notice that the resolution setting
on the camera had slipped. hence,
to my chagrin,
the smaller images.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

museums and a cold

how can a cold hit full blown -
without a warning scratch in the throat,
a tickle in the nose...

got on the subway at spring street
and stepped off the connecting bus in jackson heights
all sore throat, sneezes, runnynose, aches and
the corresponding damn headache.

excuses, excuses...
there's a little logo
on my blog that's supposed to
free me of guilt
when i don't blog.

so not working.


went to the metropolitan museum on tuesday

coffee at the petrie cafe court and wine bar.

lovely views of cleopatra's needle and the colors of fall in the park

took a preliminary walk though the metropolitan museum's
New Galleries for the Art of the Arab Lands,
Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, and Later South Asia
hereinafter the Arab galleries.
lots of information on the renovation

so much to see at every turn. i was drawn into
the convoluted designs and textures

this is a folio from the mantiq al-tair
- language of the birds - painted around 1600 in iran.
there are chairs for viewing the manuscript pages up close.

the galleries are satifyingly rich
in bird imagery

i was especially excited about the moroccan court
having read about it's construction. therere's a (too) short
video here
on the construction.

on wednesday i went to the museum of modern art
to see 'contemporary galleries 1980-now'

the curry was delicious.

for argentine artist rirkrit tiravanija's interactive artwork
thai curry is served in a sort of deconstructed
kitchen/dining space. (there's water in the fridge)

ben vautier

gallery view jeff koons, keith haring

happily there is a great deal of art by women -
it's still hard not to notice.
among the most affecting pieces for me
were the installations of doris salcedo

Atrabiliaros (1992-93)
from the label:
'..conceived in response to testimony the artist gathered about those who dissappeared during the Colombian Civil War.. Worn female shoes in sealed niches are stand-ins for the missing bodies and evoke reliquaries for the remnants of saints.'

zarina hasmi's piece 'home is a foreign place'
is a portfolio of 36 prints mounted in a
grid, each image representing an aspect of
what the artist remembers/misses about
her birthplace, india.
see and read more here
(god i love the internet.)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

everything print

remarkable new interactive website from MoMA -
the printed page
based on the publication and exhibition
of the same name. focusing on the history
of images, from cave markings to
the digital now
and beyond.

check out the depth of the links to
relief printing and digital processes

Friday, November 11, 2011

snow farm: trees

and if you're anywhere near western massachusetts
and you appreciate beautiful, handcrafted treasures
get yourself to the
snow farm seconds sale
happening for the next three weekends.
they're not really "seconds", they're wonderful objects in
glass, wood, metal, ceramic, paper and textile made by
extraordinay craftspeople from near and far.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

more cups

artist gwyneth leech continues
to delight in the windows of the flatiron building
illuminating paper cups...

she's there in the window
from 11-2, tues-saturdays
at least until december 31.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

week 2 was collage

the second week of my autumn
snow farm trip was alexandra sheldon's
collage class.
i shouldn't be telling you this since her
classes always fill up quickly and i intend to
go again next year but i've wanted to take this class
for years and it didn't disappoint.

for more images from the class go here

some of the eleven of us

first steps:
1. tear colors from magazines to choose a palette
2. mix acrylics

these are some of alexandra's
swatches and colors

and her painted papers on the wall

cutting out shapes

colors and shapes


the remains of the day

my workspace

first three collages: cards

class cards on display

a collage at random:
the newsprint under the papers i was painting

workspace: another view

final display of my work
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