Sunday, November 6, 2011

i did have the best of intentions

having actually labeled the previous post with a day
of the week, it would seem that i actually
expected to post each day of my two week
snow farm outing.

one week of flameworking
and one week of collage making
left little time for
processing photography or blog posting.

and now, a week since returning,
i'm just beginning to get a handle on the photos.

(on the morning of the glorious snow
my camera decided to reset its resolution
and almost all the photos
from that day are seriously low res.


  1. Beautiful red shots. I really want to see your flame work and collage since that seems to be what I'm doing the most of these days.
    Resolution resetting itself. A metaphor for what? hehe..
    xoxo Kim

  2. looking forward to your posts on snow farm.....
    wish i had been there. how did you like the collage class? how many participants were there? i'll bet the snow was a big surprise!!!

  3. Oh no, the snow shots?!
    I love the foggy window image.
    The snow is still on the ground here, btw.


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