Sunday, November 20, 2011

museums and a cold

how can a cold hit full blown -
without a warning scratch in the throat,
a tickle in the nose...

got on the subway at spring street
and stepped off the connecting bus in jackson heights
all sore throat, sneezes, runnynose, aches and
the corresponding damn headache.

excuses, excuses...
there's a little logo
on my blog that's supposed to
free me of guilt
when i don't blog.

so not working.


went to the metropolitan museum on tuesday

coffee at the petrie cafe court and wine bar.

lovely views of cleopatra's needle and the colors of fall in the park

took a preliminary walk though the metropolitan museum's
New Galleries for the Art of the Arab Lands,
Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, and Later South Asia
hereinafter the Arab galleries.
lots of information on the renovation

so much to see at every turn. i was drawn into
the convoluted designs and textures

this is a folio from the mantiq al-tair
- language of the birds - painted around 1600 in iran.
there are chairs for viewing the manuscript pages up close.

the galleries are satifyingly rich
in bird imagery

i was especially excited about the moroccan court
having read about it's construction. therere's a (too) short
video here
on the construction.

on wednesday i went to the museum of modern art
to see 'contemporary galleries 1980-now'

the curry was delicious.

for argentine artist rirkrit tiravanija's interactive artwork
thai curry is served in a sort of deconstructed
kitchen/dining space. (there's water in the fridge)

ben vautier

gallery view jeff koons, keith haring

happily there is a great deal of art by women -
it's still hard not to notice.
among the most affecting pieces for me
were the installations of doris salcedo

Atrabiliaros (1992-93)
from the label:
'..conceived in response to testimony the artist gathered about those who dissappeared during the Colombian Civil War.. Worn female shoes in sealed niches are stand-ins for the missing bodies and evoke reliquaries for the remnants of saints.'

zarina hasmi's piece 'home is a foreign place'
is a portfolio of 36 prints mounted in a
grid, each image representing an aspect of
what the artist remembers/misses about
her birthplace, india.
see and read more here
(god i love the internet.)


  1. I, too, love the internet. Such moving pieces, especially the shoes. How can one cold virus move so quickly? I would like to know that answer too. I carry a small "box" in my purse of Cold FX - which works wonders if you start taking it at the very ( and I mean VERY first suspected tickle). Other than that I rely of oil of oregano and a mother tincture of goldenseal to whack the heck out of it when it does decide to manifest more heavily. Here's hoping you are feeling better and loving what you posted so I can live vicariously NYC art shows.

  2. It sounds like the Bodhi Chicklet would like Goldthread Apothecary! ;) Now I am wishing I would have convinced you to get some immunity boosting goodies while you were there. Hope this is one of those colds that comes and goes quickly.

    Love the look of those patterns...


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