Thursday, January 26, 2012

made at MoMA

until march 9 between noon and four there's a good chance
you'll find me tearing and gluing at the
museum of modern art's print/studio.
it's a space in the education center that offers a series
of drop-in programs and workshops designed
in conjunction with the print/out exhibition
that opens next month.

yesterday i discovered the remarkable reanimation library.
usually based in brooklyn (where else?) and transported
to MoMA until march. this small,independent library
of outdated and discarded books
is a visual resource like no other and the museum
supplies scanners and copiers and computers
with which to exploit it. in addition there's
paper, glue and scissors, feathers, stencils and rubber stamps
and a space in which to play.
a very cold space, by the way: you've been warned.

and it's free - no museum admission required.

so at the moment i can say i have three pieces
hanging at MoMA.


  1. Congratulations on having pieces hung at MoMA! Sounds fantastic....wish I were there.

  2. man, am I jealous.. to get to go to MoMA is pretty good, but to get to work there on collage- how exciting.

  3. What a wonderful opportunity. Is it crowded? or peaceful and conducive to working?

  4. you must have been so psyched when you found that library! it sounds fantastic!

  5. F A B U L O U S.......these are, as is the whole experience!! lucky you....stay warm, and spring will begin when you pop back out into this world. how X SIGHT ING.


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