Wednesday, March 7, 2012

antepenultimate print studio @ MoMA


  1. I am fascinated by your you sell these collages that you post here...where?

  2. Hi there - I am loving your palette in this post and the few before (pardon me for dropping off the face of blogland), it feels like you have found a groove with this process. I "feel" each and every one of the photos you post and I am grateful because it reminds me that whilst I am still stagnating that there is life being lived. Yum, delicious - all of your last images in previous posts too. Thanks!

  3. i was here for another fix. have you figured out why collages (especially with repurposed, torn objects) is so satisfying? all the tumblers in me align and expand when i come see what you've been doing. it reminds me of metaphors in poetry. there was a study done, with wires connected to readers' brains. when the reader read metaphors, a certain section of his/her brain lit up and activated. metaphors ask us to connect (leap) from one point to another. the same, but different. and your collages are like visual metaphors- asking the viewer to leap with you. mmm mmm good.



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