Saturday, March 10, 2012

the last day

after a month and a half, the reanimation library, mid manhattan branch is no more.

the blue shelved volumes filled with mystery and magic will return to proteus gowanus and the rubber stamps and glue sticks, the threads and carbon paper, the scissors, xacto knives and paper cutter will no longer materialize on the tables of what is called (curiously because it is below street level) the mezzanine at the education department of the museum of modern art.

winter, 2012 for me will always mean an altered book called audubon sans oiseaux, countless glue sticks, a handful of satisfying prints, hundreds (okay, sarah, thousands) of copies and 112 small, square collages. it will mean the company of ken, shirley and pat, benedicte and scott and sarah's wonderful team: ariel, maggie, alex, allison et. al.

thank you, all.

1 comment:

  1. The moon is rising on Print Studio mezzanine! I miss it already... I had to make another collage today and organize my images... Withdrawal pains...!! I love your full moon on graffiti!


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