Saturday, March 17, 2012



weather was exceptional.
had to rely on my iphone as
i didn't think to bring my
'real' camera. that should change
once i get my nifty canon g1 x
any day now...

torn paper from construction site walls
uptown and down,
flowers at union square greenmarket.


  1. All sublime, none ridiculous. Maybe you feeling ridiculous relying on your phone for a camera but you are showing the art that you see in ordinary objects. Definitely ALL sublime. Love 'em!

  2. thanks you guys.

    the title comes from the fact that i get not a blink when i shoot roses but the oddest looks and comments when i'm engrossed in capturing the walls.
    eye of the beholder thing.

  3. when i am out of focus, i come here and scroll. i reach the wall shot and wha? focus returns. it has nothing to do with my vision, my eyes. don't doubt your wall shots.



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