Monday, April 16, 2012

i did not expect

to be so completely taken with the work
of john chamberlain, being shown through
may 13 at the guggenheim museum.
i hadn't even planned a visit.

so i bow deeply to susan and don
visiting from austin. they wanted
to see chamberlain and i wanted to see them.

photography not allowed, natch. but photographs
are the reason i didn't think i would enjoy the show:
photographs of this work don't begin to do it
justice. it must be walked around. you must stand close to it.
it pulls you and pushes you, charms you and repels you.

go if you can. and listen to the audio.
if you can't, check out the site and the video


  1. looks like a fabulous exhibit to be seen in person.. to get up close and walk around and study..


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