Saturday, April 7, 2012

really? more than a week?

how did that happen.

i returned the camera.
the gorgeous canon g1 x.
so sad.
such a perfect instrument
in every way
but one.
macro sucked.
and we know i like my macro.
as mediocre as my s3-Is is
it does have a super macro setting.

back to dpreview.

glued to the computer right now
creating a blurb book.

this may be the cover.
it's about snow farm.
editing is a bitch
and it's way too easy to keep adding spreads.
i'm up to 110 pages.
someone will have to stop me soon.


  1. Hey, stop now! Now I have to google blurb book. ( say that three times fast... google blurb book)
    I feel so silly, I had some nice pages from a Russian math book all cut out for you too and neglected to include them in your package. Oh boy, I just had a fellow jeweler from Greece tell me she'd send me some papers with Greek writing on them and I was thinking like current magazines and newspaper or something and she sent me the most amazing pile of vintage and antique papers that my heart started racing, I kid you not! Maybe I can share a bit with you if you don't mind a bit of drool on 'em.
    She has a really nice blog to with some photography I think you'd appreciate too.
    Anyway, I hope I tore you away from your project for a bit of a break.
    google blurb book google blurb book
    xoxo Kim

  2. Excellent! I've always wanted to do a Blurb book but I know I would become obsessed and turn it into another source of stress so I haven't ventured there yet...

  3. how wonderful.. I have been thinking about a Blurb book myself.. but I am a procrastinator.. I am sure yours will be done soon.


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