Friday, April 13, 2012

snow farm wabi sabi

i haven't received the hard copy yet -
it's on a fedex truck somewhere
in the city as i type -
but i just realized i could put
this up and show the
book i've created on
(you can enlarge it with the icon
in the lower right)
it really was as easy as they say.


  1. hi judy,
    your book has been "loading" for some time now....i am anxious to see it! I know that i will enjoyed revisiting snow farm through your eyes.
    i made a blurb book last fall and was quite pleased with it.
    looking forward to seeing yours.

  2. well, i finally was able to see your book, and my heart went thump-thump-thump.
    i was not aware that i could get a copy of your book until i saw the little shopping cart and i immediately ordered a copy.
    thank you for sharing your lovely, incredible photos. i will certainly look at this book over and over again.
    hope to see you at snow farm soon.

  3. Wow, that book is stunning! Thank you so much for sharing it here. Snow Farm looks like a wonderful place to be.

  4. checking back in to see if you got the book in your hands. it looks gorgeous, stirring!


  5. Oh your book is so very beautiful! Really! I'll be looking at it again and again. I'm thrilled to have discovered your blog!


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