Thursday, April 12, 2012

when i awoke...

at 6:30 this morning i had no idea
what i'd be doing today except
the laundry. that was done by 8:30
so i decided to see the
keith haring show at the
brooklyn museum.

i especially enjoyed his
journals and sketch books
and videos of him painting.
i always liked his subway chalk drawings.
it never occurred to me to pilfer them,
as it obviously did to others whose framed examples
look somehow out of place on gallery walls.
i liked some of the earlier
work in the show

still, a little iconic black and white haring
goes a long way and there's quite a lot.

i always enjoy visiting the gallery in the education department
where they show work from children's art classes.

the newly redesigned and restocked gift shop
now features lots of work by brooklyn artisans
and craftsfolk. very cool. expensive...

these blocks from fort standard for example.
but cool. kept thinking
if i only had a sander...
(yes that is the price.
ten small wooden blocks for $85)

i was really too tired for the brooklyn botanic garden
though it's just next door.
still the crabapple trees lured me in...
and the cherry...
even lilacs were in bloom


  1. Oh, *sigh*. We are still weeks away from crabapple blossoms so it is so nice to live vicariously through your lens. Keith Haring - someone gave me a book of his art when I was hospitalized years back (along with a Zits cartoon compendium which caused scaring in my stitches area from extreme laughing). Kids art is so immediate and sincere and from the heart. I often see the values of what they see when they turn their worlds into 2-D. It can be funny, poignant and is often full of lessons on how to take life a lot more lightly. Happy spring!

  2. Sounds like my kind of outing, sigh. As for those $85 blocks I have to tell J about those...


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