Wednesday, April 25, 2012

yes i am a blurbaholic

blurb is an addiction.
i think i knew that's how it would be and perhaps that's why,
though i've "belonged" since 2008 i only made
my first book a few weeks ago.

soon followed by a small book of my mom's poems, drawings and clay figures to celebrate her 98th birthday next month.

and then this compilation of my collages from the first three months of this year. it takes forever to load and you can't view it on idevices cuz it relies on flash.


  1. You did it! Terrific! You might need several blurb book for all your collages...

  2. OMG! First I am very impressed with how MANY collages you have here.. I did not count them but I went through page by page and it did seem as if there were a LOT. And they are wonderful.. a very cohesive group because of the subdued colors.. almost Asian feel to them. You must be very pleased to see them in book form.. what an accomplishment!


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