Tuesday, May 8, 2012

adieu david weiss

years ago during a sleepless night flipping channels, head on my pillow hoping for something to bore me to sleep I came upon a curious, wordless film which got me sitting upright and wide awake. a rube Goldberg like contraption but on the scale of a warehous - and with fire! it was in the days before the internets and, though the impression remained with me it wasn't until years later when I followed the William Gibson forum that I thought to describe the piece and was quickly informed that it was 'the way things go' by the artists Fiscli and Weiss.

from the ny times

David Weiss, one half of Peter Fischli/David Weiss, or Fischli/Weiss, a Swiss art duo known for sculptures, photographs and videos that enumerate, celebrate and ever-so-gently skewer the banalities of everyday life, and for “The Way Things Go,” one of the most acclaimed art films of the late 20th century, died on April 27 in Zurich. He was 65.

there's a video herefor those with flash

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