Thursday, June 21, 2012

hot sketching

you've heard of hot yoga?
this week it was hot sketching.
even in the shade it was in the 90s.

satisfying, though,
playing with green...

between morning and afternoon session i
had delicious tacos and lemonade from the oaxaca/wahaca
(that's what they call it) food vendor near the marina
at the world financial center.

rebecca is one of my favorite models. she's
a dancer and her body is wonderfully long, thin
and flexible. i left a bit early as
the heat did, finally, get to me despite
the two liters of fluid i imbibed.


  1. wonderful sketches from a model though it sounds too hot outside for me.. too used to the Pacific NW weather. I completed my hand made book and am happy with my new camera.. have been working hard since my NYC visit.

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