Thursday, August 2, 2012


some of you might know my mom from the book of her work i posted on her 98th birthday. at the moment i'm on the mom detail before during and after (i.e. now) her cataract surgery. it went well and she's not experiencing pain. recovery requires lots of eye drops & attention. that's my excuse for being out of touch. i know, i know, no excuses needed, just wanted to get it out there. in case you miss me :)


  1. I am so pleased to hear that your mother is doing fine after her surgery.. yes I remember your book published as a tribute to your mother... wonderful book too.

  2. Yes you are missed. Love your art and observations.

  3. Of course you will be missed, but you have a job to do and one I approve of mightily. Have fun with your mother. My mum and I had a good time when she went through the recovery from her cataract surgeries.


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