Sunday, July 14, 2013


maryann moss of dispatch from l.a. is conducting another unique, inspiring, color filled workshop/circus/celebration this summer. maryann's gift is sharing her joy filled, vivid world and her  genius is allowing us to see everything in our own worlds differently.

this summer it's all about pattern. i'm seeing  and recording pattern everywhere. other participants are a bit further along on the first project - making a pattern book - while i continue to photograph and  draw. as usual (i do, after all, live in the city) lots of what i see is shades of gray but oh what shades!

a poet friend in eugene, orgeon once suggested we collaborate on a project where i would photograph sidewalk cracks and he would write art critiques of them. he was being facetious about art crit but when i look at these i think that the observing and recording makes art of them...

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