Monday, August 5, 2013

a pretty perfect day

we've had an uninterrupted chain of spectacular weather and today was another of what i think of as 'ten best' days. as in one of the ten best days of the year. today's would likely be in the running for ten best ever if i kept track of such things.

my memory chuckles at the thought.

and then promptly forgets what it was laughing about.

i did nothing out of the ordinary - coffee at a table in the sun with the newspapers, pattern sketching in an altered book which i will have to find a way to share, a wander through the union square greenmarket tasting heirloom tomatoes and the afternoon at the strand. i didn't intend to spend five ! hours book browsing but the outdoor stalls were especially inviting and the bound galleys in the basement were piled high in several cartons in addition to the shelves.

from the outdoor shelves, with an eye toward future collage making, i scored a 1902 volume - 'the zoo book: wild animals and birds of jungle and forest', "profusely illustrated with copperplate etchings and line drawings" as it says on the title page. also a few color plates (above) $2

another $2 find - a charming four and three quarter by six and a half inch volume from 1946, 'spoken french for students and travelers', which i bought to alter but not yet - it's just too pristine and precious...

always thinking pattern lately (thank you Maryann)
i discovered a book about an artist i had never heard of: georgina von etzdorf whose work sings. that one set me back $3.

i debated all day the purchase, for $3, of a severely damaged - looks like it went through sandy - copy of a whitney museum volume from the cy twombly show of 1979. in the end i couldn't leave it behind despite the condition because the extraordinary work moves me (and the price of the book on amazon exceeds $60 these days...)

in the basement i scored a galley of the new kate christensen book 'blue plate special - an autobiography of my appetites' which has been favorably reviewed. another $2.99. galleys used to be 99 cents or three for $2. ah well. as i said: a good day for about thirteen bucks

the lagniappe: ( i never get to use that word!) this child's drawing (back and front) clearly a treasure map that slipped out of one of the books as i flipped the pages...

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  1. Browsing the book shelves sounds wonderful. Great finds!


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