Sunday, August 11, 2013


didn't feel like drawing
or painting
or getting out of bed for that matter
so i pushed myself out the door
thinking - knowing - that sitting near the river
mixing color, drawing lines would
make me feel different,
likely better.

jumped into color,
layer upon layer
light over dark
stroke over stroke.

it satisfied me, this painting.

new colors, new directions...
i followed with a few quick sketch paintings -
wash pencil and white gouache

this new way of seeing my rocks
was tremendously satisfying.

they were rolled up and tucked into my tote bag
and they disappeared somewhere between
battery park city and home.

i've contacted the mta lost and found,
posted to craigslist,
retraced the route
with no luck.
so this is likely the only evidence of
this work.
i usually dont shoot in situ
but the light was good.
glad i took these.

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