Friday, November 15, 2013

jean paul gaultier at the brooklyn museum

if there had never been an
alexander mcqueen show
at the metropolitan museum two years ago
the current exhibit at the brooklyn museum,
the fashion world of jean paul gaultier:
from the sidewalk to the catwalk

might have felt more special.
it's too bad that it suffers in the inevitable comparison
simply because the mcqueen show was a
tour de force, the one of a kind, maximal display
of the work of an artistic genius.

the gaultier is a very cool show, don't get me wrong:
exquisite garments wonderfully displayed, lots
of multmedia: photographs, videos, sketches,
cool lighting, and an eerie effect as some of the
mannequins have video faces projected onto them talking,
singing, seemingly making eye contact. a mannequin/video
of gaultier himself welcomes you to the show.
it's great fun and definitely worth seeing especially if
you  never got to mcqueen. it's not 
crowded and photography is permitted.
all photos except the full color taken on iphone,
hipstamatic app, helga viking lens, d type plate film

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