Tuesday, January 21, 2014

collage again

the assignment for week two of randel plowman's workshop was photomontage done in a method discussed by jonathan talbot in his book 'collage: a new approach'. involves gloss medium coating both sides of the materials, wax paper, the waxy paper backing from labels and, god help us, an iron.

i wasn't going to do it at all but i figured i bought the workshop might as well....

i like the image well enough but it's too shiny and way too plastic for my taste so i'm going back to glue stick and the natural texture of my materials.

comme ca...


  1. I've used the Jonathan Talbot method too...and then cover everything with a layer of matte medium when I am done and everything is dry - takes that glossiness away!

  2. There are merits to both....but I lean towards glue stick too. Are you joining the International Collage Exchange? Info here: http://outofsight.co.nz/Dale/collage.htm

  3. i agree, although the blog photo does not look glossy…your collages are fantastic. i love the graphic elements that you introduce and the color palette with the soft golds and grays is beautiful. thanks for sharing.

  4. Such inspiration to me as a total beginner. Luv each piece

  5. Such wonderful inspiration as someone who is totally new to this world of collage.i look forward to seeing all your new pieces as they are exciting to see


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