Tuesday, February 4, 2014

central park snow with cardinal

i wasn't going. i really wasn't.
its been too cold. the snow was
fat and sticky, the streets icy.
after an errand took me uptown
and the bus turned onto fifth avenue
i was lost. that fat sticky snow
was still thick on the branches,
the trees in shadow...

just have a look at the little guy taking off
in the third from last shot.
i love cardinals in the snow


  1. gorgeous pics! I thought birds fly south for the winter but I guess these cardinals decided to stay.

    hope you're keeping warm. have a great day.

  2. Lovely images of NYC in the snow!

  3. Wow. Loving these images. What a perfect day to be out with a camera. How do you get those great borders on your photos?

  4. Love these cold colors and composition. Good work.

  5. How perfect that those gorgeous little red birds are around when it's snowing.

  6. I love the red birds in the snow, too. These are gorgeous photos ... if winter weren't such a bear, well, I'd say it's really beautiful when I look at these photos.

  7. Beautiful. I've never seen a cardinal in real life. They're so fat and sassy.

  8. Mmmm, three beautiful things that I can enjoy in memory only at least for the time being...fat, fluffy snow, Central Park, and cardinals. Thank you for braving the snow in search of these gorgeous photos!


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