Saturday, April 5, 2014

life drawing & a (parenthetical) bit about artexpo

last week i showed up, early as usual to secure my central spot at life drawing only to discover, after nobody else showed up, that it was spring break. i guess i dash out of class too early to hear what's up. twas ever thus.

this week i showed up, early as usual to secure my central spot and went to the cafeteria for a salad and to listen to the latest buddhism and modern pyschology lecture for my coursera course. only to discover, once the first model took his place, that the pad i had brought had only a few sheets left. what?

(i didn't bring my usual 12x18 pad because i spent the morning with friends at the edge of the city at artexpo at pier 94. don't ask. the upside, i finally got to meet the legendary seth apter.

yay. his was one of very few booths that offered visual poetry - thoughtful, beautifully realized pieces, amidst a cacophonous mashup of arbitrary color and lack of sense or artistic sensibility. another exception, the exquisite contemporary icons of jodi simmons painted in the traditional manner using 24k gold and egg tempera)

back at life drawing - i started sketching on the backs of pages already used but couldn't get over the fact that i would be running out of paper.

in the middle of the 20 one minute sketches i skedaddled out to dick blick  down the block for a new pad. i know, altogether, too much irrelevant info. back to the drawings...

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  1. Thanks for the visit at Artexpo Judy. And for your very nice thoughts shared in this post!


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