Monday, May 19, 2014

it's always something

i had the best morning of uptown gallery hopping last tuesday - Soulages, Rauschenberg, Basquiat, Calder gouaches, Rothko watercolors and a fascinating a show of Basquiat, Twombly and Schiele works on paper.  I was on my way home but I had Phillips and Christies on my list - their contemporary auctions were last week. and I was so close ...


went into the wrong entrance of Phillips - a small gallery/room at the back of a courtyard - but there were some interesting pieces for an upcoming Latin American auction so I enjoyed those, backed up and walked SMACK into a glass wall I thought was the open door. whew. new meaning to the phrase on the nose. blood. scary much blood.
staff members were helpful with ice pack and water. the starbucks napkins that seem to reproduce of their own volition in my bag helped with the so much blood. my doctor's office suggested i go to a walk-in urgent care facility and from there i ended up at a radiology office for an X-ray. one of the women from Phillips was an angel accompanying me on the odyssey. results the next day: a fracture of some sort, some sort of displacement...couldn't quite translate the doctor's report. 

two days later the otolaryngologist said i will need some surgery once the swelling goes down so i see him in six weeks. as roseanne roseannadanna would say, it's always something. 



  1. That sounds like quite an outing - blood and all… Hope you're on the mend and that the surgery required is not too intensive. I so envy your proximity to so much amazing art!

  2. Oh dear, oh no. :( I hope you heal up quickly. I am notorious for not knowing what is door/window and what is not when I'm in NYC.


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