Sunday, October 11, 2015

i'm back although i never left

it seems my feedly feed had a mind of its own
and felt the world needed a break
from my content.
evidently now i'm once again worthy.

i noticed that the link on the post about my new site isn't clear in its iphone iteration. my paintings, drawings and collages can be seen if you CLICK HERE

if you follow on feedly you've missed some rock paintings (of course) but also the beginnings of my picasso sculpture sketch book. after my first visit to picasso sculpture at MoMA last month i thought i'd draw every object in the show.

i've been four times thus far, ambling from one room to the next with sketch and wash pencils, water brush, brush pen, crayon. as crowded as it gets i find it easy to sketch with only an occasional jostle. i've met several delighful people who stop and talk about the sketching and the picasso work.

in the same way that painting landscape plein aire allows an intimate experience of place, so drawing these objects, paying the kind of attention required, rewards with an exquisite awareness of the process of making them.

it was especially fun sketching all six absinthe glasses from different angles.

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