Monday, June 29, 2009

Barron Storey

If you have
any interest in
mixed media

you have until the end of
july to get yourself to
the society of illustrators museum
to page through the journals
of Barron Storey
for yourself.

and for those who absolutely can't get here
i made a couple of videos
in an attempt
to share the experience

more on friday's clouds

thanks to serena of dreamswiththefishes
for finding out that these were Mammatus clouds.

According to Wikipedia:

Mammatus (also known as mammatocumulus,
meaning "bumpy clouds") is a
meteorological term applied to a
cellular pattern of pouches
hanging underneath the base of a cloud.
The name "mammatus" is derived from
the Latin mamma (udder),
due to the clouds' characteristic shape.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

friday clouds

perhaps these clouds were sent
as an apology,
as compensation
for all the rain...

they were almost
worth it

and they were really
(first pale
those colors

Thursday, June 25, 2009

another week, another bit of wreckage

last week for the ongoing wreck this journal project
i numbered the pages by hand.
the numbers were unsatisfying
so i covered them with one inch adhesive circles
and rubber stamped new numbers.
this gives the lower right corner of the book
a satisfying plumpness.

on sunday i set out
for the highline
to take the book for a walk
beginning at the
gansevoort stair.

there's something about that phrase -
the gansevoort stair -
that really appeals to me

At first the dragging
felt silly and self-concious.
i was a contortionist:
dragging the book, walking backwards and
shooting the video

after shooting, though
pulling the book along without glancing back,
i felt like a kid with a pull toy.

i don't remember every having a pull toy.

i felt as though i was furthering
the cause of something
i could not name.

there were few people
and if they reacted,
or even noticed
my subversive act
it was out of sight and
out of earshot.

at the 'amphitheater' at seventeenth street
i tried my first toss

and watched traffic for a bit
overlooking tenth avenue at seventeenth street

at the sixteenth street exit
i was ready for a more ambitious toss...

and a dash down the stairs lest the wreck be hijacked.

this blue was irresistible

after that i adjourned to starbucks
where i examined the damage/progress
and interleaved the wet pages with napkins.

later in the week i had my way
with the office supply pages

thursday morning i returned
to the sixteenth street stair.
and tossed again.
Lots of morning noise and that beeping
is a truck backing up.
a lot.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

blue sky at morning...

how the heaven's deceive...


this cloud.
not every cloud reminds me of this poem.
this cloud, though...this paisley cloud,
this miraculous cloud...

L'etranger par Charles Baudelaire

Qui aimes-tu le mieux, homme énigmatique, dis ?
Ton père, ta mère, ta soeur ou ton frère ?
Je n’ai ni père, ni mère, ni soeur, ni frère.
Tes amis ?
Vous vous servez là d’une parole dont le sens m’est restée jusqu’à ce jour inconnu.
Ta patrie ?
J’ignore sous quelle latitude elle est située.
La beauté ?
Je l’aimerais volontiers, déesse et immortelle.
L’or ?
Je le hais comme vous haïssez Dieu.
Eh ! qu’aimes-tu donc, extraordinaire étranger ?
J’aime les nuages. Les nuages qui passent…
là-bas…là-bas les merveilleux nuages !

and here's my attempt at a translation:
not word for word but with poetic license

the stranger

whom do you love best, inscrutable stranger, tell?
father? mother? sister? brother?
i have no father nor mother, sister nor brother
you use a word whose meaning, even to this day, is unknown to me
your country?
i know not in what latitude it lies
i would love her gladly, goddess, immortal...
i hate it as you hate god
what, then, do you love, remarkable stranger?
i love the clouds. the clouds passing...there...there...
the miraculous clouds

Monday, June 22, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

more of margaret's work

a bit more of the wonderful ceramic work of
margaret wozniak
who is at lincoln center's craft's fair
this weekend. rain or shine.

Friday, June 19, 2009

this one's all shannon

i think you'll agree
my guest wrecker
deserves her own post

a friend to destroy a page...
who to ask? most would look

my borders manager/rock chick/
friend shannon
just effin' got it -
grabbed it and jumped in.

visiting the wrecktory, part iii

this has been an especially
destructive week
here at the wrecktory.
i've found myself pulled in many,
uh, diwrecktions.

if this makes no sense
check out the perpetrator jamie ridler

and, lest we forget, the inspiration, keri smith

the why page has a companion:
the not page:

telling me to play with fire
is probably

as the incense
simmered on the page
i dashed for my camera...

don't you love
the glimpse of
knife in the sink?

the aftermath
& collateral damage

this might have been a good time to
bring the journal into the shower...
instead i simply watered it

and that was merely the
beginning of the week.

the cover had to be dealt with.

...wasn't satisfying. hence...

then came scratch and sniff...

i found myself twisting
the paper from a straw
and found it necessary
to tie it into the project
by way of some ginko holes
punched in the title page...

three pages sheared

fruit (and cheese) sticker page
phase one.
produce courtesy of whole foods

some of these stickers
followed me home and
hopped onto the page!
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