Thursday, September 30, 2010

wednesday sketching

the iphone is 2/3 working.
the phone is kinda ok and the
camera has dried out. yay.

unfortunately the 3G connection is
busted. when wifi is not available i'm
stuck with the E connection which is sloooooooow
the question is can i put up with it
until february when i'm eligible for a $199
upgrade to the new iphone with the 5megapixel camera.

don't bet on it.

here some badly shot sketches -
there is no natural light today
it is way gray & rainy.
kind of a nice change
as long as i can

Monday, September 27, 2010

abstract expressionism

that is to say abstract expressionism
through the prism of a wet iphone.

one of the wonderful paintings by bradley walker tomlin


i was prepared to provide a small preview
of the amazing show that opens on the 3 of october
at the museum of modern art.

but my iphone fell into a puddle.

does that sound like the dog ate my homework?

no. seriously. my iphone fell into a puddle
as i exited the number 5 bus
on sixth avenue
and waverly
after discovering that i was missing my metrocard
and frantically combing through everything i was carrying.
leaving the iphone pocket unzipped.

it was SO my fault.

i tested it and found i could access the internet
so i didn't discover that the camera was messed up
until i got to the museum and started shooting.
it was hard to concentrate on the work
for thinking how i should get up to the apple store asap.

still, i was seduced by the exhibition
which in addition to paintings
(rothko, pollock, krasner, kline,
frankenthaler, reinhardt, gorky et. al)
includes photography (siskind, frank, callahan, among others)
prints and sculpture.

on the way to the apple store
i discovered that the phone didn't work either.

at the apple store
when we got to the i.d. part of the transaction
they wouldn't let me buy a new iphone
because i didn't have proper
government issued identification.

big sigh. some tears.

went home, got the
requisite proof of my existence,
walked to the apple store
near me. zack, the helpful blueshirt
told me that sometimes if you give it some time
the phone might work again.

i tried it.
the phone worked!
the camera lens is still seriously fogged up
but seems to be clearing.

now i'm going to just chill
and watch mad men
which, if i'm lucky,
my dvr taped...

or is mercury retrograde?

mushrooms and pasta

Sunday, September 26, 2010

columbus circle

this is the view from 'robert' -
the restaurant at the top of the
museum of art and design.

the food was good too.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the end of summer

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010


museum of modern art fountain

lincoln center fountain

Saturday, September 11, 2010

september 11

Friday, September 10, 2010

autumn in new york...

the u.s. open, clear blue skies,
a sad anniversary and
a bit of frivolity known as fashion week.

ahh, fashion week...

i beg your pardon...
mercedes benz fashion week
thank you very much.

when a neighborhood is rebranded...

when gawkers
outnumber wannabes
and wannabes outnumber

the peaked white tents have migrated
from Bryant Park, where they disrupted
midtown twice a year
and resettled at Lincoln Center.

it seems a good match.
there's more space for fashion people
and the paparazzi who love them.

the monolith seems like lincoln center marble
and tapers down to a strange little bra and... skirt?

on close examination it's something monolithic
wrapped in cloth printed with marble. convincing though.

martha "i tweet therefore i am" stewart

someone named poppy according to the paparazzi

serious shoes everywhere

and any old blogger with
an iphone can catch karl lagerfeld

ahh autumn.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

aubergine and lavender

greenmarket is full of
the colors of fall.

i know, i know, it isn't fall.
still, labor day is history,
the u.s. open is in full swing
and kids are on their way to school.
in the faint breeze
fallen leaves scratch the pavement
and fashion week is setting up
its tents in lincoln center.
though the temperature will reach
88 today, it feels like fall to me.

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