Saturday, July 30, 2011

talk to me

somewhere on 'the hierarchy of digital distractions'
from the brilliant folks at information is beautiful
add talk to me: design and the communication
between people and objects

until november 7 at the museum of modern art.

the show could be called too much information albeit in a good way. it doesnt require a smartphone but nearly everyone carries one - whether to use the suggested twitter hashmarks to comment on objects or to scan the qr codes on the labels of each item for more info.

the items range from the sublime - a muslim prayer rug that illuminates when correctly oriented toward mecca - to the silly - an adorable little robot who wanders the MoMA galleries with a flag requestng he be rerouted.

I was mesmerized by an app called soundrop
that allows you to create sound with dots and lines
and promptly downloaded it on my iphone.

there's a working new york metrocard machine -
it's very familiarity from the subway making
it incongruous here, where you can buy
a real metrocard printed with the details of the show.

if you can't get to MoMAw there's an interactive (duh)
that purports to include the entire show. full disclosure:
i didn't check to make sure as the site itself is a bit tmi.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


seth at the altered page
is having his annual buried treasure blog party.
visit and discover.

looking through my archives
i've decided this subject matter is
just the note on which to end
the swelter that was july 2011

from december 31, 2009:

from february 22, 2011:
yet more snow!

2011 is now #3
on the all time
new york city
snow totals list...
and counting

(through a dirty window at the metropolitan museum)

from december 26, 2010:
a blizzard is percolating

and not only in globe of my snowy owl

as is my wont, if it snows
i go to the park...

Monday, July 25, 2011

something chilling to look forward to...

seth over at the altered page is hosting his annual
buried treasure event...

troll your archives and repost
fave past posts and link them
at the altered page. it's a great way
to discover/rediscover blog treasure.

i'll be chillin' - literally - so come back on the 28th
and check out the altered page on that date
for links to lots of
cool stuff.

Friday, July 22, 2011

bye bye borders

the closing of a bookstore,
small or large, is a tragedy.
the closing of the borders at
penn plaza - seventh avenue and
33rd street - feels personal.

before work, to relax and
read the paper, i went to the
cafe. at the window overlooking
seventh avenue i watched the weather:
umbrellas in the rain, snow falling on concrete.
the seasons changed on billboards.

i schmoozed with shannon
who worked full time and studied in the evening until
she left to pursue her vocation at a salon uptown,
sherry who is writing her thesis,
jason who became the father of twins.

i sketched, met friends, overheard conversations

we saw it coming. amazon. the nook and kindle.
the price of paper. it's a sort of progress.

i hate change. i'll find another place
for morning coffee and reflection
but the borders cafe was special.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ahhh, miscellany

no cameras in the jury assembly room
so here's a miscellany of images
from the last week or so.
the folders havent been edited nor
the images labeled. it's just too hot
in this corner of the room so far
from the a.c...

at MoMA

Monday, July 18, 2011

last week's sketches and jury duty

started jury duty today -
an excellent place to cool off.
didn't get empaneled.
Federal Court doesn't permit
electronics - no phones, no tablets
no computers. that was eye opening.
realized how much i rely on the iphone.

these sketches are from an especially
frustrating and unsuccessful outing last week.
i figure i should post what i regard as
failures same as what i regard as successes.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

a dance to jules feiffer

i first knew of jules feiffer
(playwright, screenwriter, children's book author,
teacher, pulitzer prize winner)
through his comic strip which ran
in the village voice.

more than a comic strip, it was political,
satirical, witty and biting -
a weekly visual editorial
on urban and national life.

among the most loved of his strips
are the 'dancer' series -
a lithe leotarded young woman dances
through the frames of the strip -
to summer, fall, spring, to art and love,
to the end of wars
and the end of illusions.

an exhibition downtown now through mid august
celebrates feiffer with drawings and
a series of short films
that delightfully embody his dancer
in the person of andrea weber,
a principal dancer with
merce cunningham dance company

today, among the palms in the winter garden,
across the way from the world trade center site,
music played, feiffer drew and
andrea weber and the audience
danced a dance to feiffer

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

even before the fireworks the city and the sky were ablaze.
seaworthy vessels small and large crowded the river below
fourteenth street awaiting the show.

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