Sunday, October 16, 2011

when fall comes to new england


and here's the title song by cheryl wheeler.
a not great video of a terrific song. i really
have to figure out how to score my posts...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

steiglitz and them

officially entitled
steiglitz and his artists, matisse to o'keeffe
this wonderful show
at the met
october 13 til january 2
displays some 200 works from
the collection of steiglitz given to the met in
1949 by georgia o'keeffe.

among those that i loved...

toulous lautrec - looking in the mirror

francis picabia - star dancer and her and her school of dance

john marin - along the seine

marsden hartley - landscape, new mexico

georgia o'keeffe - gray tree lake george

Sunday, October 9, 2011


i still don't know what
has become of this wood thrush.
he was flapping helplessly
on the sidewalk on fifth avenue
in front of the mid manhattan library.

a young woman had accessed the number
for animal rescue but had to go to work.
i called and was told that if i brought
the bird to an address on east 110th street
they could take care of it.

trying to corral it as people strode by
it kept flapping away - trying to fly
but going in low circles. a young man
stopped and marveled saying he thought
it was a thrush. i told him that if we could
get it into my tote bag i would bring it uptown.

he cupped it in his hands, we got it into
my tote bag and i took a couple of buses
to 110th street only to be told that they don't
deal with birds. they sent me across town
to animal general at columbus avenue and 87th street
where i surrendered him to be brought to
this facility

i've called a couple of times
to get an update, to find out
whether his wing was injured as i suspected,
to find out if he'd been released
into the wilds of
central park.

haven't heard back as yet.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


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