Thursday, December 29, 2011

on the third day after christmas...

the perfect charlie brown tree
found at houston and mercer

Friday, December 23, 2011

a wish for joy

(and snow)
in this and the coming seasons

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

material witness at pavel zoubok

hannelore baron

vanessa german

there are only a few days left
to see this show which i've been
meaning to see since it opened
almost a month ago. it closes on december 17.
or you can see it here

hannelore baron

i went because i've only ever seen the work
of hannelore baron in reproduction.

i expected to be moved by baron's work
and was not disappointed but it was
the figures by vanessa german that were revelatory.
contructed of all manner of found object
attached by different means to black doll figures
they are more than the sum of their disparate parts:
beautiful, moving, troubling.

there are also a series of rose-window like
fabric constructions by donna sharrett.
these are lovely but did not move as the other work did.
it can be viewed on the gallery website.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

the altered page/women in the arts

i'm delighted to be participating in
the latest installment of seth apter's 'pulse'.

the question posed was
'if you could take a class from one artist
from anytime in history, including the present,
who would it be and why?'
and the first chapter of responses is
women in the arts.

fond as i am of o'keeffe's work, the thought
of being in her presence was too intimidating.

i chose agnes martin, probably my most inspiring
artistic hero. seth linked to this wonderful interview
which i had never seen.

Agnes Martin Interview (20:00 version, 1997) from Chuck Smith on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

the sublime x2

conversations in clay - west meets east: a collector's perspective,
at the joan b mirviss gallery in new york
features pairings of ceramic works by western and japanese
artists. i had never visited this gallery dedicated
to japanese art and went after reading a brief writeup
in the new york times. the space is serene and the work is wonderfully displayed. you can see the work on the website

best treat for me, though, was a gorgeous scroll
by watanable seitei featuring two magpies in a pine branch.

if only i had $7500 lying around i would find an empty wall for it.

then i went to view the private collection of robert rauschenberg
at gagosian on madison avenue. no photos allowed. sigh.
the man had an eye and a number of genius friends.
a must see if you're in town between now and december 23.

shows like these make everything
afterwards alive with beautiful possibility,
whether the dirty window of a newspaper box

or a napkin on the sidewalk...

but maybe that's just me...
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