Monday, April 30, 2012

a new wall

i love the blue they use
on this wall they've painted over
much of the posters,
easier than tearing them off.

i've torn off a bunch of the
layered papers
to use in my own collage work
but i don't think
i can match the perfection
and spontaneity...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

yes i am a blurbaholic

blurb is an addiction.
i think i knew that's how it would be and perhaps that's why,
though i've "belonged" since 2008 i only made
my first book a few weeks ago.

soon followed by a small book of my mom's poems, drawings and clay figures to celebrate her 98th birthday next month.

and then this compilation of my collages from the first three months of this year. it takes forever to load and you can't view it on idevices cuz it relies on flash.

Monday, April 16, 2012

i did not expect

to be so completely taken with the work
of john chamberlain, being shown through
may 13 at the guggenheim museum.
i hadn't even planned a visit.

so i bow deeply to susan and don
visiting from austin. they wanted
to see chamberlain and i wanted to see them.

photography not allowed, natch. but photographs
are the reason i didn't think i would enjoy the show:
photographs of this work don't begin to do it
justice. it must be walked around. you must stand close to it.
it pulls you and pushes you, charms you and repels you.

go if you can. and listen to the audio.
if you can't, check out the site and the video

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

snow farm wabi sabi

i haven't received the hard copy yet -
it's on a fedex truck somewhere
in the city as i type -
but i just realized i could put
this up and show the
book i've created on
(you can enlarge it with the icon
in the lower right)
it really was as easy as they say.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

when i awoke...

at 6:30 this morning i had no idea
what i'd be doing today except
the laundry. that was done by 8:30
so i decided to see the
keith haring show at the
brooklyn museum.

i especially enjoyed his
journals and sketch books
and videos of him painting.
i always liked his subway chalk drawings.
it never occurred to me to pilfer them,
as it obviously did to others whose framed examples
look somehow out of place on gallery walls.
i liked some of the earlier
work in the show

still, a little iconic black and white haring
goes a long way and there's quite a lot.

i always enjoy visiting the gallery in the education department
where they show work from children's art classes.

the newly redesigned and restocked gift shop
now features lots of work by brooklyn artisans
and craftsfolk. very cool. expensive...

these blocks from fort standard for example.
but cool. kept thinking
if i only had a sander...
(yes that is the price.
ten small wooden blocks for $85)

i was really too tired for the brooklyn botanic garden
though it's just next door.
still the crabapple trees lured me in...
and the cherry...
even lilacs were in bloom

Saturday, April 7, 2012

really? more than a week?

how did that happen.

i returned the camera.
the gorgeous canon g1 x.
so sad.
such a perfect instrument
in every way
but one.
macro sucked.
and we know i like my macro.
as mediocre as my s3-Is is
it does have a super macro setting.

back to dpreview.

glued to the computer right now
creating a blurb book.

this may be the cover.
it's about snow farm.
editing is a bitch
and it's way too easy to keep adding spreads.
i'm up to 110 pages.
someone will have to stop me soon.
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