Tuesday, March 25, 2014

fast and furious

the one minute sketches
are my faves. no judgement,
no pressure, no expectations.
just happy to capture a gesture...

then comes the real challenge. when a model sits for five, ten or twenty minutes you're supposed to come up with something a bit more complete...

Saturday, March 15, 2014


i was frustrated at this week's life drawing session. nothing working. distracted by the beauty of the body of the young man, the flabby pallor of the older. looking at the workhours later i was surprised at how satisfied i was with aspects of the drawings. the young man's gestures in the one minute sketches, the girl's poses, the old guys hands...

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

the past few weeks...

i haven't just been lounging on the couch bingeing on house of cards (disappointing) and eating dark chocolate sea salt caramels from whole foods. no not at all. i watched other things too. and there was that semi-warm day when i sat in the sun...

i have seen several museum shows - the one i'll return to most frequently is the remarkable show of works by gauguin at MoMA. a paragraph from the website:

This exhibition focuses on Paul Gauguin’s rare and extraordinary prints and transfer drawings, and their relationship to his better-known paintings and his sculptures in wood and ceramic. Comprising approximately 150 works, including some 120 works on paper and a critical selection of some 30 related paintings and sculptures, it is the first exhibition to take an in-depth look at this overall body of work.

it's worth the trip from, well, anywhere and the new ipod audioguide allows you to send yourself a record of your visit including images and audio.

also at MoMA, robert heinecken: object matter an interesting (and nsfw) photography show of this artist/professor's work from the sixties that spoke to the art student i used to be back then and in that way was nostalgically satisfying.

candy jernigan is an artist i've long admired based solely on the work in 'evidence' the book of her work. i had never seen the work in person and this show at greene naftali gave me the opportunity and it was well worth it as the work itself combines exquisite drawing, raw feeling and humor.

i also attended a book making workshop at MoMA and attended a life drawing class.

oh and i did the laundry. i need credit for every little thing
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