Thursday, July 2, 2015


i only realized relatively recently that, when i am operating at my best, making art is truly about process rather than product. pushing material and pushing myself to go where i have not gone before, making work that surprises me, allowing myself to go too far, to make something ugly, has been more satisfying than i could have imagined.

what i am learning, something i knew intellectually but must go through the hard way, is that grief is also a process and there are no shortcuts. though i was prepared in many ways when my mother died in march at the age of 100, though i had the four months of her at home hospice care to adjust, i find myself crying at odd, unpredictable moments, set off by seemingly irrelevant things.

wow. didn't know this post would take me there. it was meant as a catch-up about my work but there you are: it's a catch-up with myself.

this is what i mean by process...
(the blue is tape)

a series of abstractions based on altered leaf forms in watercolor. i liked the original pencil drawing - very free and spontaneous so i threw around the watercolor with some abandon, then scrubbed out areas when i didn't like where things went.

at home i used water soluble caran d'ache neocolor II because i wasn't happy with anything about the image. that didn't help at all. the forms flattened and became completely uninteresting to me and the colors were likewise unsatisfying.

literally back to the drawing board: remounted and sprayed, doused, scrubbed. not sure where i go from here but the underlying pencil lines have emerged which makes me happy.

and since i was working on three pieces here are the first and last of the other two.

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